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Speaking of pirates…

Ahoy there land lubbers!

With all the excitement of Barefoot Books’ release of Port Side Pirates, I’d like to urge you all to TALK LIKE A PIRATE on September 19!

(Listen up here, mateys, dis also be me birt-day. Celebrate by downin’ a grog and blowin’ on ye hornpipes. Let me hear yer best “Arrrr!” Shiver me timbers! Yer good! Well done, well done. Now get back to work shovelin’ chum!)

For more tips on how to talk like a pirate, go to http://www.talklikeapirate.com, but disregard the weird photos and strange pickup lines. 🙂


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Great new fall titles now available!

Barefoot Books has released many new titles. Some of our early favorites include One City, Two Brothers and Listen, Listen. Check out all the new titles at www.barefootbooksindy.com!

Another title sure to be a huge hit with adoptive families is Motherbridge of Love. And, if you have little pirates of your own at home, don’t miss Port Side Pirates!

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Santa’s gonna bring you coal

Miss Jennifer the school bus driver motioned me to her window today when I was picking our oldest up at the end of the road. Oh great. I don’t even know what I thought she was going to say, but I could tell by her smile that it wasn’t going to be too bad.

“(Your son) had a very interesting debate on the bus today with a fith grader about Santa Claus.”

“Oh? And what was the kid saying to him?”

“Well, he told him Santa Claus is phony, and I talked to him. Told him, ‘That’s a first grader you are talking to!'”

“This is happening already??” I asked.

“I’m sorry, yeah.”

I thanked her and we were on our way home.

I had in my hand a catalog with Halloween costumes in it, because I knew he’d be thrilled it came in the mail. He looked at it the whole walk home, pointing out which one on each page he was going to buy.

I asked him how his day was and got the usual: “Fine.”

Then I told him Miss Jennifer said some older kid was not being very nice on the bus. I asked him if that was true and what had happened.

He told me this:

“Yeah, some kid was telling me Santa Claus is phony and that I shouldn’t believe that he’s real. He told me he’s getting a new PS2 for Christmas, but not from Santa. I told him, ‘Santa’s gonna bring you coal if you don’t believe he’s real.'”

End of discussion.

Whew. Narrow miss.

Maybe we’ll drive him to school from now on. Seems a bit too early to grow up just yet.

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Check out my Slide Show!

Photos from Oregon!!!

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Oregon coast

The sky was pink and the air had a little bite to it when Michael and I visited the Oregon coast at the beginning of August. We were blown away by the beauty of every town we stopped in on our way-too-short visit. We landed in Portland, fought traffic for several miles until we finally made it to the tree-lined road that seemed to lead right off the face of the earth. When we ended our drive in Cannon Beach, we’d made it to the most lovable little village we’d seen since visiting Camden, Maine several lifetimes ago (before kids). We LOVE the Maine coast. We visit North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach every year, and we have been to Maui twice. But the Oregon coast has a completely different feel than all these others. The pine trees seemed to touch the sky. The air was clean–we both commented on how just taking a deep breath felt so DIFFERENT. We weren’t in the city anymore, that’s for sure. There were horses (with riders) roaming the beach, Haystack Rock looked even bigger than it does on Goonies, and the smell of fishy seawater mixed with taffy floated in the air, leaving an aroma neither of us has been able to describe. Fishy candy smell. I swear. It was heaven.

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Blushing …

OK. Wow. I have to say I was a bit surprised today to get a little message in my gmail account that said I had a comment waiting to be approved for my blog. Blog??!! What blog? Oh yeah, this blog about everything barefoot–including books and beaches and babies. Wow. I’m almost left speechless. I did finally mail another packet to Coastal Living magazine (did I mention I love this magazine??) and the editor left a comment on this blog! How did she even know about this blog? I don’t think I told her about it. No, no way did I tell her about it. I’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone about it other than in a roundabout way on my Barefoot Books page. I guess she probably did a little Google investigative reporting (everyone does it–admit it. You’ve all looked for exes and colleagues and job seekers … you know you do!). So, anyway, yay! She’s going to watch for my query and hopefully she loves it. To all of you (who is out there? Mom? Anyone?) … keep your fingers crossed. If they are still crossed from the last time I asked, uncross them and cross the fingers on your other hand, because by now the blood has stopped flowing. 😦

And, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Coastal Living lately, or ever … shame on you. Do it. Now. Run. Fast. It’s better than awesome. Pick it up. Read it cover to cover and DREAM of how you wish you, too, could live the barefoot lifestyle.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading …. and thanks, Sarah, for reminding me I started a blog. 🙂

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