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Kiwanis, Kiwanis, Kiwanis.

Kiwanis International is dedicated to serving the children of the world. Are you? Check out www.kiwanis.org for more information!

This is just a fun little plug to see if this shows up when people search Kiwanis. If you stumble upon this, let me know!


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How cute!

You all must check this out. This is a video from YouTube featuring a little animated version of the VERY POPULAR book, Whole World. Enjoy!


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I drove up to Chicago yesterday for a Barefoot Books workshop. It was a great time! It was great to see my gal pal, Adrienne, and to meet a bunch of new friends–Rebecca, Leo, the Michelles, Ellen, Cathy, Rebecca’s father-in-law, ….

When driving home, I saw the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The moon was almost full and it looked so incredibly huge hanging so low over the city skyline. And to add to that, the glass of all the skyscrapers burned a bright orange as the sun went down. If I weren’t sandwiched among hundreds of other cars–all going at least 90 mph–I would’ve stopped for a photo.

It was sad to see the city disappear in my rearview mirror. I’ll head back soon … maybe take the entire family so we can show the kids a “big city!”

Anyone else love Chicago??

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I’m calling this Part 1 because I have many favorite song lyrics. I’m listening to Dave Matthews right now, and one of my favorite all-time lyrics of this band’s is “I’d walk halfway around the world just to sit down by your side. I would do most anything, girl, to be the apple of your eye.”

Is that not soooooooooooooooooo romantical? 🙂

I don’t know what movie has kids in it who say romantical, but I love it. I think it might be “The Little Rascals” … anyone?

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My oldest son seems to have an eye for photography. He loves to take pictures! What can I say? He gets it from his mommy. 🙂 Most people shoot a few photos here and there when on vacation or during the holidays. It’s not unheard of for me to take about 600 photos at any given event. It’s nuts. This is no lie: When I had my kids, I had a photo album ready for friends to look at IN THE HOSPITAL, the day after each baby was born. I have photos IN THE HOSPITAL of my friends looking at my sons’ photo albums. Kid you not. I’m a photo freak. So, my eldest gets it from me, obviously. Take a look at some photos he took this past summer during the Binford Farmers Market. While I was selling books, he was snapping the veggies.


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It’s time to celebrate wonderful storytelling and beautiful art!

When your children attend a fun fall event, urge them to tell you why they loved it, and what would make them want to go back again and again. Tell them to write about things they love. Start a journal. Tell a story.

When your children have book fairs at school, ask them to move beyond the cartoon characters they are so familiar with; stretch their minds to consider picking up a book about the moon or horses or something OTHER THAN Pokemon and Bratz. Please. Please. Please. Let’s bring great stories back into our lives. Celebrate art and story. Celebrate the uniqueness we all have. If we all share one thing, it’s our uniqueness. Can’t we all find something we love that the next kid doesn’t? Tell your kids that just because Suzi is buying a book about Zoey 101 doesn’t mean your child has to. Tell your kids to find what they love and read as much as they can about it. Enjoy!

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Motherbridge of Love

Every single adoptive parent should read this book. Every person even toying with the idea of adoption should read this book!

This beautiful poem celebrates the bond between parent and child in a special way. Through the exchanges between a little Chinese girl and her mother, Motherbridge of Love offers a poignant and inspiring message to parents and children all over the world.

Go to http://www.barefootbooksindy.com and search for MOTHERBRIDGE OF LOVE for more information!

Motherbridge of Love

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