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So, I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately, and to be honest, I’m wondering if I should start a fun moms blog for Indianapolis. I’m having a hard time finding anything popular and good in this city…at least not anything in the public eye. Stay tuned … maybe I’ll become a local celeb! 🙂


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About me

I’m Kasey, mom and wife of the Jackson Five family of Indianapolis fame. My hubby is Michael Jackson. Yup. Now you’re getting it … MJ is head of the Jackson Five. The rest of the clan consists of three young boys. I’m merely a backup singer. I have very little say in anything. 🙂 Do you believe that??? Hmmmm…. We’re goofy and have lots of fun. We had Jackson 5 T-shirts made to wear in the hospital when baby #3 officially formed the Jackson 5. Kid you not.

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