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Santa’s gonna bring you coal

Miss Jennifer the school bus driver motioned me to her window today when I was picking our oldest up at the end of the road. Oh great. I don’t even know what I thought she was going to say, but I could tell by her smile that it wasn’t going to be too bad.

“(Your son) had a very interesting debate on the bus today with a fith grader about Santa Claus.”

“Oh? And what was the kid saying to him?”

“Well, he told him Santa Claus is phony, and I talked to him. Told him, ‘That’s a first grader you are talking to!'”

“This is happening already??” I asked.

“I’m sorry, yeah.”

I thanked her and we were on our way home.

I had in my hand a catalog with Halloween costumes in it, because I knew he’d be thrilled it came in the mail. He looked at it the whole walk home, pointing out which one on each page he was going to buy.

I asked him how his day was and got the usual: “Fine.”

Then I told him Miss Jennifer said some older kid was not being very nice on the bus. I asked him if that was true and what had happened.

He told me this:

“Yeah, some kid was telling me Santa Claus is phony and that I shouldn’t believe that he’s real. He told me he’s getting a new PS2 for Christmas, but not from Santa. I told him, ‘Santa’s gonna bring you coal if you don’t believe he’s real.'”

End of discussion.

Whew. Narrow miss.

Maybe we’ll drive him to school from now on. Seems a bit too early to grow up just yet.


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Recently I’ve been looking at my boys–all three of them–and wishing I could slow down time, or at least slow down our hectic lives. We always seem to be hurried and too busy. When I get home from work, my husband leaves for work. Kids are screaming and yelling and needing attention constantly. We understand–that’s what kids do. But sometimes I just wish we could sit in a room together, look at each other, and TALK. 

This weekend, I had to comfort my oldest son for a couple hours while we nursed his burning eyes. He had opened his eyes underwater in the pool at the gym. He cried and cried and I did everything I could think of to help him. I felt awful; he felt worse. I couldn’t get him to stop crying … he said it hurt so bad he couldn’t open his eyes. At first I thought he was being a big baby and whining too much about something we’ve all experienced–chlorine burns! But then I started worrying that he might be having some sort of allergic reaction not related at all to the chlorine. After all, he was complaining that he could NOT open his eyes at all. I was watching him–he actually seemed to be trying to open them and they just wouldn’t open. We tried drops (had to pry open his eyelids for him) several times. We tried a wet washcloth and tried flushing them with water (which is hard when he wouldn’t open them). I tried putting on his “shows” to see if he’d open his eyes to watch. Nope. Nothing.

Finally, I took him to the bathroom, stripped him down and put him in the bathtub. I made him go under the water and open his eyes. He said it kinda helped. I guess it did at least somewhat–he ended up opening his eyes a little while later.

Anyway, while comforting him, the whole time I kept thinking how HUGE he seems. When I was holding him, his feet were dangling down at my shins. I look at him and he seems 6 feet tall already–and he’s only six! It just blows my mind how fast it goes. I know everyone says it, but it’s so, so true. I miss the tiny little guy with no hair.

But I do take comfort knowing that while he’s growing bigger and stronger every single day–he still needs held by mommy once in a while.

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